If a majority of your listings are vacant homes, you may have a hard time selling your properties. Since shoppers buy with their eyes, it's crucial to play on their senses if you want to seal the deal. Instead of renting furniture or hiring an interior decorator, save time and money with virtual home staging.

DesignLive, LLC will create a 2D or 3D rendering of your property, complete with furniture, appliances and color. This will help your clients see the potential in your listing and visualize themselves living there.

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Embrace the convenience of our 3D interior design services

If you're a real estate agent, your primary goal is to sell homes. While some of your clients may have the gift of visualization, many will not. 3D renderings are an excellent way to market your listing without only relying on descriptive words. This way, you can show your clients exactly:

  • Where their appliances will go
  • How their furniture will look
  • Where their rooms will be
  • How big or small each room is

Our talented designers can also add custom features, like paint color and more, to your 3D interior design.

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